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PostSubject: Re: WATCHING THE PINTO WORLD SHOW   July 3rd 2009, 12:04 am

I don't know about pinto but I show APHA curcuit & the SPB{solid} have seperate classes to their colored counterparts. The 2 don't compete against each other.If you see a solid looking horse in there with a bunch of colored ones he would be one of those minimally marked ones.Those 2 inches of qualifying white can hide in places you may not see.The SPB are allowed to compete with their colored counterparts in futurity or paid stake classes only. We have a fairly good turnout of SPB horses on our circuit,enough you can be earning points & offer all the classes the colored horses have.
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PostSubject: Re: WATCHING THE PINTO WORLD SHOW   July 3rd 2009, 12:55 am

I watched the PtHA halter classes, I bet you see a lot of those same horses at the APHA world show, actually, I guarentee it. I know a boat load of people from AZ who go every year, use it as a bigger prep show for the APHA world show. Looked to me by the quality of the horses in those classes, wasn't a single grade horse. Looked like true blue halter horses. I know if I would have taken either of my paints (also registered PtHA) I would have been DARN proud to win those classes. And shoot, if one of them were grade, that's a danged nice grade horse, papers or no papers.

PtHA does seperate their types, and they have breed standards for their different divisions. Stock Horse, Saddle Type, Pleasure Type, and Hunter Type. Stallions cannot be registered unless both parents are registered with PtHA or an approved outcross registry. Blah Blah Blah. It doesn't really matter, they do what they do, no one here is going to change it, not worth the argument.

Funny thing is, quarter horses and paints are all Heinz 57s to start with. Someone one day said, "Hey, that's a good looking horse, let's make a registry for it!" Then it got really big, and now hey, check out all the $$$ they make! Shoot, I see some QH and paints that don't look a thing like the "breed standard". But hey, as long as it's got two registered parents Wink

Not sure if anyone has seen a true "paint". My grandpa used to show me pictures of the horses on the reservations. They were stock type horses that were three or four different colors, pretty neat looking.

It's kinda like people, we're all related in some way or another Wink

Horses w/ excessive white markings just don't place all that well. Check out the world show results from APHA the last few years. Just about everyone looks like a QH Wink A horse with less white is going to show better muscle definition. And c'mon people, we ought to know by now that what the rule book says is only good if it's the latest trend Wink

Ya know, here in AZ, our APHA shows have so many more entries than the AQHA ones. I think everyone got tired of the snotty people and jumped ship. There's a lot more room for your average person to get out and show AQHA if they wanna spend the money to throw it away. Not enough horses to get points. Funny, I sure would rather show in an org. that I could actually GET points in, who cares if they're easier to come by Wink rather spend my money and get something in return!

Everyone unwad panties now lol! And darn, Buck, what the heck was your question?????? I kinda forgot with all the bickering. LMAO! kitty
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PostSubject: Re: WATCHING THE PINTO WORLD SHOW   July 4th 2009, 12:03 pm

I think if you look back at what I said....It was my guess that most of the horses at that show were no-doubt registered Paints or registered QHs with some white.

Not being a judge, I can't really say how high or low the quality of the horses/their perfomances were. But drawing on 50 years of being involved with/owning/training my own amd showing, I'd say that some were really good, others not so good. JMO. I am aware that the pinto regisrty has different division for the different types of horses, as well as ponies. It's on the site for anyone to read. But as I said, I watched an English class where all but one horse was what I'd call stock-type, and ridden in a hunt/forward seat saddle....and one horse that appeared to be a saddlebred who was ridden saddlesaet. The saddleseat horse won the class. Clearly, that style was not divided.

True, the quarter horse was developed from both grade and TBs, as well as a smidge of arab and morgan...not to mention a mustang here and there....But evey breed has to start somewhere. It could be argued that a Paint is nothing more than a colored QH. At some point, a breed should breed true. The same result with every breeding. A restricted gene pool does the trick. Restricting the gene pool seems to be what the APHA is doing now. The next logical step would be to restrict breeding only color to color. That would weed out any solid genes.

It's my understanding that the quarter horse was originally developed to run 1/4 of a mile....That there were few race tracks, so they were raced on the roads. Hence the name, quarter horse. As the stock type was developed, new blood was brought in. If I remember correctly, the QH was originally called the quarter pather. The two basic body tpes are still evident. My own horses show it. Angel and Tucker have the same sire, but different dams. Both mares are race-bred (Angel's mom has a ROM in racing)....Angel is still appx registered....my fault. Angel and Tucker look nothing alike. Angel took after the sire, 100% foundation, Tucker looks like his mom....Very TB.

It's a kick to get placed in any big class....Even at an open show.
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